The Mycelerator

Introducing the Mycelerator - the updated and beginner-friendly design for growing mushrooms at home. Whether you're an experienced mycologist or new to the world of mushroom growing, the Mycelerator makes it easy to grow delicious mushrooms right in your own home.

Our team spent over two years researching and testing various mushroom varieties, growing media, chamber designs, and environmental sensors to create a reliable mushroom growing system. With over 150 successful grows with our test group, the Mycelerator can grow many mushroom varieties easily and inexpensively.

Using standard rice bowls as the growing medium and environment, the Mycelerator can grow most mushrooms that are comfortable with a brown rice substrate and coconut coir. This not only improves growth performance and lowers costs but also reduces the chance of contamination.

The Mycelerator comes equipped with sensors that monitor humidity and temperature, as well as adjustable air vents for healthy fresh air exchange. Each Mycelerator also includes everything you need to get started, including an Oyster Mushroom live culture, a brown rice bowl, and coconut coir. Once you harvest your mushrooms, get a Grow Kit to grow the next batch.

With the Mycelerator, growing mushrooms year-round has never been more accessible or easier. Start your own mushroom growing journey today with the Mycelerator.

The Mycelerator: A Green Answer to Fresh Food Problems

The Mycelerator mushroom growing system was designed to tackle the issues we face in getting fresh produce. Currently, the process of delivering fresh produce to consumers is inefficient and wasteful. In stores, we're limited to certain types of plants and mushrooms that can stay fresh for a long time and withstand shipping.

The Mycelerator offers a solution to this problem. It enables individuals and families to grow a wide variety of mushrooms at home, ensuring they're fresh and ready when needed. 

The Mycelerator is built with an emphasis on environmental friendliness. You begin the mushroom growing process by choosing the mushroom variety and add it to organic growing media to make mushrooms. Our company produces each Mycelerator on demand using our 3D printer farm, which reduces manufacturing and storage costs.

The components of the Mycelerator are made of PetG (for 3D printed parts) and acetate, both types of plastic that can be reused or repurposed. While these plastics can be recycled, like many plastic materials, convenient recycling options are often lacking. We're actively exploring better recycling solutions and investigating greener materials.

The Mycelerator also includes a small 10-gram sensor for monitoring temperature and humidity. Although electronic parts don't have as established a recycling system as other materials, this sensor can be reused for other purposes, extending its lifespan. We're actively seeking ways to reduce the environmental impact of electronic components.

The Mycelerator Grow Kit is designed with environmental friendliness in mind. The rice bowls used for mushroom cultivation are part of a system that combines organic materials with a process that extends their lifespan without the need for preservatives or other chemicals.

The kit includes a syringe of mushroom live culture that's less than half the weight of those typically used, reducing material usage and environmental impact. The absence of a needle makes it safer and easier to reuse.

Finally, both the Mycelerator and the Grow Kit are shipped in recyclable cardboard, minimizing waste and reducing environmental impact.


The Mycelerator represents a significant move towards environmentally friendly home food production. By utilizing recyclable and reusable materials, minimizing waste in shipping and manufacturing, and providing a green alternative to the traditional fresh food supply chain, the Mycelerator is contributing to more sustainable mushroom production. Let us know how we can do better!