The Mycelerator
The Mycelerator is a new approach to growing mushrooms at home. You don't have to be a mushroom nerd to grow mushrooms any more!
Getting Started
Once you have your Mycelerator, please got to our Getting Started pages to begin growing. Please email us, or ping us on Discord if you have questions!
The Mycelerator, our system for growing mushrooms at home, is the result of almost two years of investigation into the process of growing mushrooms. We tested a variety of mushroom varieties, growing substrates, chamber designs, and environmental sensors. This new design will reliably grow many mushroom varieties easily, inexpensively and reliably.

The Mycelerator can grow most mushrooms that are comfortable with a brown rice substrate and can prosper in the environment of your home. It uses standard rice bowls available at grocery stores as the growing medium and environment for the Mycelerator. This improves grow performance, lowers costs and reduces the chance of contamination. 

The Mycelerator includes sensors that help you understand how your mushrooms are doing. Humidity and temperature are monitored, and adjustable air vents at the top and bottom of the Mycelerator enables the FAE (fresh air exchange) required for healthy mushrooms.

New Custom Curated Grow Kits!

Introducing six new Grow Kits for the Mycelerator! Each kit has everything you need to grow a particular mushroom variety. This collection includes exotic mushroom varieties that you haven’t heard of before. 

Pick Your Own Mushroom Grow Kit

If you aren't satisfied with the mushrooms we're offering, you can also buy our "Pick Your Own Mushroom" Grow Kit. It comes with a coupon so that you can select your own variety from our vendor.